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Animal Trapping, Relocating & Removal Services in the Capital Region

  • All staff including office personnel are Certified NYS Nuisance Wildlife Control Officers. We also strive on taking rescued or injured wildlife to proper wildlife rehabilitation specialist for appropriate care.
Nuisance Wildlife Services including, but not limited to the following:
Animal Removal:
We specialize in 24/7 emergency response for nuisance wildlife found inside or outside your property. All technicians are prepared to remove unwanted nuisance wildlife as well as provide recommendations for further eradication or exclusion work needed to permanently rid the structure of the nuisance.
Attic Restoration:
Anywhere nuisance wildlife uses as a harborage place will leave signs of nesting debris, fecal and urine matter, dead carcasses, food debris etc. These areas can be attic or basement, crawlspaces, chimneys, soffits, dryer vents, drop ceiling, wall voids, etc. We specialize in cleaning all debris with HEPA filters and disinfecting/sanitizing infested areas.
Not only do we eradicate unwanted bats from your structure in a humane way we also will perform emergency live bat removals, drop off captured bats to labs to be tested for rabies, clean up and disinfect bat guano, install bat houses to provide a new safe nesting location for the eradicated bats and much more.
Our services deal with a various range of birds such as woodpeckers to pigeons. Whether your needs are for a residential property or commercial we do it all. Services include but are not limited to emergency response animal removal, roof trapping, ground trapping, dropping clean up and disinfect, exclusion work.
Despite how adorable chipmunks maybe they can cause a fair share of damage and become a nuisance. We offer humane removal options as well as emergency live removal, exclusion, and general population reduction.
Custom and Standard chimney caps:
Some nuisance wildlife use exposed chimneys to gain access into the structure or use as a nesting place. Whether you want a cap installed as cautionary measures or installed after wildlife eradication has taken place give us a call to provide a free inspection.
With experience contractors on staff there is no limit to the exclusion work that can be performed by Accurate Pest Control. Exclusion work that takes place but is not limited may include door sweeps, soffit repair, ridge vent exclusion, critter caps, woodpecker and carpenter bee wood fill and stain, metal bending, trenching, etc.
Accurate Pest Control performs humane groundhog (woodchuck) population reduction as well as exclusion. Call us whether you see random groundhogs roaming around your yard, eating your plants or nesting under your structure. Deceased groundhog carcass removal and disposal.
Insulation Removal:
Whether it is insulation in an attic, basement, ceiling voids, crawlspaces, wall voids we do it all. Insulation usually becomes heavily soiled when the area becomes infested with wildlife and rodents. Call us to remove that soiled insulation, remove the droppings and debris, and sanitize/disinfect the infested areas.
Weekly and monthly services are provided for mole maintenance. Mole baiting and trapping is done throughout the warmer months to keep mole populations maintained. If you think you have a mole issue, contact our office to provide a free inspection.
Despite opossums menacing appearance and bad name they are beneficial to your garden if you have one, cleaning up spilled garbage and fallen fruit off trees. We offer humane opossum removal and rescue services, and exclusion work. Call today for a free inspection.
Whether you have a live raccoon inside your house, dwelling under your structure outside or a family of young living in your chimney we are experienced in population reduction and eradication of raccoons. Racoons are none for being rabies vectors as well has a host to leptospirosis, salmonella, and roundworm. If you think you have a racoon dwelling in or on your property do not hesitate and call our office to schedule a free inspection.
In most cases, shrews can be misidentified as a mouse. We offer shrew removal, shrew trapping, monthly shrew eradication services along with exclusion work.
Raccoon Rescue